Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sedona Camp

I love this place, its by far the best location I have trained in and both times here I have had great blocks of training, and left sedona feeling much fitter along with a little bit browner courtesy of the beautiful open air pool

To summarise the last few weeks here a few things that spring to mind
Sam joining me :)
Our tune / radio one sad song
mumford and sons – I will wait (only knowing one line)
picassos pizza
iron man 3
red rocks
dodgy sun tan lines
jigsaw puzzles
blowing up
road tripping to San Diego
Food channel
how many people can we squeeze into a car
frozen yoghurt
Douche bag
Java love café
Sam leaving me :(
And now onto Yokohama for round three of the ITU World Champs Series followed by a short visit back to the UK, cannot wait to see my family and Meg the dog aka minion, its been a while!
Stay tuned

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