Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yokohama WCS

So my recent shenanigans have involved traveling from America to Japan for the 3rd round of the World champs series in Yokohama.
This was my first visit to Japan and what a great place, very clean, friendly and well organized. The welcome party involved a bit of dressing up as myself and Jodie Stimpson were asked to try on a traditional komodo.

Down to the real reason I was here, the race!
I finished 14th, which after a terrible swim, or what felt more like a fight with some Russian swimmers I exited the water a good minute down on the leaders which was pretty disappointing as had been swimming much better than this leading into the race.
However my philosophy is the race isn’t over until you cross the finish line and its all to play for, so I got my head down and got to work to catch on the bike. I saw the times coming slowly down, and once the rain came down by lap 9 of 9 we were back on! I had some help from a few of the other girls in the pack, but had to do the majority of the work myself which despite being frustrating is just the way it is in draft legal racing sometimes. So the best thing to do is just get on with it.

I am pleased with the progress from San Diego in the bike and run department, with my run fitness coming back and now have a bit of time back in the Uk to see family and friends and then get ready for Madrid WCS.
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